Welcome to West Campus Foundation for Excellence (WCFE)

We're glad you stopped by! The WCFE Board for 2020-2021 has listened to membership and is dedicated to improving communication this year. To that end, we have completely revamped our website, focusing on making it mobile-friendly. We've also linked to a Google calendar that we will attempt to keep as up-to-date as possible with ASB and Foundation events happening at our school.  

The new WCFE Board welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year! As your school's parent-teacher organization, we work hard to raise funds to support enrichment activities at West Campus. Our students benefit in many ways from a small, close-knit community; however, the school also struggles with a tight budget due to our small size.

This year, school is starting on September 3rd with full distance learning. This means that we are not going to be able to provide our traditional back to school activities. I urge you to check the West Campus Website https://westcampus.scusd.edu/ for information on this year's back to school orientation activities. The Foundation is committed to providing as much help as possible to our families, students, teachers, and administration during this extraordinary time. 

WCFE steps in where the district leaves off to make West Campus a highly competitive, award-winning school. Your membership fees and our spring gala fundraiser are the two primary fundraising sources that help support West Campus enrichment such as Moot Court, Yearbook, Band, Drama, athletics, (spring) college tour, classroom texts, and scholarships.  WCFE also contributes to community building activities like the Back to School BBQ, the staff appreciation lunch, and the senior breakfast. For more information about the WCFE, please visit our FAQ page. We are planning on in-person school returning in January, so we will still need your help to make sure that we can provide as much support as possible. 

We look forward to you becoming a member and working with us to improve the high school experience at West Campus. Please attend our WCFE monthly meetings (Details to be posted soon!) to learn more about the 2020-2021 WCFE agenda and share your ideas! If you can't make (all) the meetings, you can check our website for meeting minutes to catch up on current events.​

​I am looking forward to a great (virtual/in-person) year!

Tony Wells

WCFE President


2020/2021 Elected Board Positions:

President – Tony Wells

Vice-President – Danielle Seperas

Treasurer – Desiree Pierson

Secretary – Jamie Poulton

Membership – Carrie Bushman

Communications – Deborah LynnWells

2020/2021 Appointed Chairs:

Special Events - Kristi Morioka

College Tour - Nancy Ciraulo

Gala - Danielle Separas

Scholarships - Nancy Ciraulo

Parliamentarian - TBD

Community Outreach - TBD

Book Fair - TBD

ASB Liaison - Holly Brue

Website - TBD








(916) 395-5170

West Campus High School Foundation for Excellence
5022 58th Street
Sacramento, CA 95820

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President – Tony Wells

Vice-President – Danielle Seperas
Treasurer – Desiree Pierson
Secretary – Jamie Poulton
Membership – Carrie Bushman
Communications – Deborah Lynn Wells

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