A new website is under construction!  Exciting changes to come!​

Oil, Vinegar, and Honey Sales!   Great holiday gifts!  

Pick up day Dec 13.

​​Next Foundation meeting is Dec 12th,  Monday. 6:30pm.  School Library or Google Meet.  Everyone is welcome!   Everyone can now vote!

Membership Changes!

Thanks to everyone who joined as members!  The new bylaws have been approved and membership we will shift to a volunteer and donation model, where we will be asking to donate and/or volunteer instead of joining as a member. The money gathered will still go to the approved budget.  Stay tuned for a donation campaign!  Thanks to everyone for supporting this new inclusive model.  We will continue to need your help to support student and community building activities to make a positive difference for West Campus student!)

Volunteers Will be Needed At the School- Get Set Up Now!

Did you fill out your LCFF?  One per household, needed for funding

Need a Map of the School?





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