Membership for 2022-2023 is Now Open.  Click Here to Join!

Next Foundation meeting is September 12,  Monday. 6:30. TBD location.  Everyone is welcome!

Also join the Foundation in congratulating YOUR 2022-2023 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs:

2022-2023 Executive Board of Directors

Natasha Fine, President                                                   Bella Agrawal, Vice President

Julie M. Evens, Treasurer                                                 Becky Wiegand, Secretary

Alice Liu, Membership Director                                       Melanie Bean, Communications Director

2022-2023 Committee Chairs
Betsey Vaughn & Marco Martinez                                   Scholarship

Rosette Nguyen                                                                  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Maricel Miguelino                                                             College Tour

Leslie Fox                                                                            Parliamentarian & Bylaws

Nicole Oehmeke                                                                Hospitality


Thank you to each of you for stepping up to lead the West Campus Foundation for Excellence and supporting our amazing students, teachers, administration and staff at West Campus

2022/2023 Elected Board Positions:

President:  Natasha Fine

Vice-President & Fundraising: Bella Agrawal

Treasurer: Julie Evens

Communications Director:  Melanie Bean

Secretary:  Becky Wiegand

Membership Director:  Alice Liu

2022/2023 Appointed Chairs:

ASB Liaison: TBD

Scholarship: Marco Martinez & Betsy Vaughan

College Tour:  Maricel Miguelino

Parliamentarian & Bylaws:   Leslie Fox

Rosette Nguyen: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hospitality: Nicole Oehmeke