West Campus Foundation for Excellence?  Why aren't we called PTO, PTSO, or PTA?


Years ago, we set up our parent-teacher group as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) so that the bulk of the money we raised could be spent on the West Campus community, rather than national dues.   A small amount of our money goes to overhead (stamps, paper, etc.) and insurance.


How does the WCFE fundraise?

We run two large fundraisers each year; membership and the spring gala.  Additionally, we raise funds through several smaller fundraisers like the book fair, the Mock SAT, the graduation seat auction, direct donations, and passive fundraisers like AmazonSmile.



How does funding work?


The WCFE offers financial support to the West Campus community in three ways …


  • Budget Line Items (expenses we typically cover every year)

  • Special Funds Requests

  • Occasional Larger Purchases 


How can I request funds from the WCFE?


Each year, the Foundation earmarks a certain amount of money to go to clubs, teams, or staff that exhibit need.   Twice a year, at the November and March meetings, Special Funds Requests presentations are heard.  To make a request for your team, club, or classroom, submit a Special Funds Request Form a week before the meeting. If you attend that meeting to give us a brief talk and a bit of background, that’s great but it’s not essential.  Typically, a funding decision will be made by the next month’s meeting.  



Where can I get a copy of the budget?


For security reasons, we don’t post our budget online.  But we have hard copies of our monthly budget statements at each meeting.  If you can’t make a meeting but would like a copy of a current budget statement, email a request to us at wcfoundationforexcellence@gmail.com.



When are meetings?


Typically, meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the library. Sometimes we have to move meetings due to holidays.  For the school year 2019-2020, General Membership Meetings are scheduled and up on our calendar page and also listed below.

September 9th

October 14th

November - TBD       

    *Special Funds Requests heard

December 9th       

    *Special Funds decisions

January 13th

February - TBD

March 9th             

    *Special Funds Requests heard

April 13th                

    *Special Funds decisions

May 11th

June - TBD

Why isn’t there one master calendar where I can find EVERYTHING happening at our school?


This is the number one question we get!   The quick answer is resources.  For our part, the Foundation’s calendar page is linked to a google calendar that we will try to keep updated with Foundation events, ASB events, and any other fundraisers we hear of and promote.  To link, every calendar together (athletics, etc.,) would require a more robust website service than we can afford, which is the free one.  Thanks, free Wix!



Tell me more about ‘Occasional Larger Purchases.’


By being on campus too much, attending too many meetings, and attending games in the stands, we’re hearing from parents (and students) about what they’d like to see on our campus!  But we also discuss this at our meetings.  It takes several years to save up for something big and we don’t buy it unless we have obvious support from the membership.  That's where you come in!








(916) 277-6400

West Campus High School Foundation for Excellence
5022 58th Street
Sacramento, CA 95820

Find us on Facebook: 

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President – Tony Wells

Vice-President – Danielle Separas
Treasurer – Desiree Pierson
Secretary – Francisca Llenas-Rossi
Membership – Carrie Bushman
Communications – Deborah Lynn Wells

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